The time it will take to complete the assessment will vary, from approximately 30 minutes to an hour, dependent upon the size of your premises and how prepared you are before starting the assessment. Where a question is not relevant to you Licensing SAVI has been designed to ‘skip’ it. For example, if you indicate there is no CCTV at your premises, no questions on CCTV will be asked.
The Licensing SAVI report is completely confidential to you, no one other than you will be aware of your responses. We cannot stress enough that no one, other than the people you choose, will have access to any of your responses. However, when you apply for Accreditation, your responses must be shared, by you, with the Licensing SAVI Accreditation team, and both the local police and the licensing authority for verification.
Absolutely. Every page has a ‘save’ button which enables you to stop whenever you like, as often as you like and return where you left off.
The licence lasts for 12 calendar months.
Once you have completed the Licensing SAVI assessment and there are no outstanding Critical Points, your rating will be displayed. Your rating will be broken down by question so you can easily identify how you can improve your rating by enhancing existing working practices or policies. Once you have implemented the enhancements, you can modify your responses and re-submit the assessment. Once you have reached a rating you are satisfied with, you can apply for the Licensing SAVI Accreditation.
No. The annual licence fee to use Licensing SAVI includes the cost of an application for Accreditation but it is for you to decide if you wish to apply for Accreditation. If you choose not to apply, your assessment will remain confidential to you. However, should you decide to apply for Accreditation at any stage a copy of your assessment must be submitted along with your application.
The Accreditation will last for the duration of your Licensing SAVI annual licence. For example, if you purchase a licence on 1st April and subsequently apply for Accreditation on 5th June, your licence and Accreditation will expire on 31st March, unless you renew your licence.
Unfortunately not until you next renew your Licensing SAVI licence. Once you have applied for Accreditation, and it has been approved and awarded, your assessment responses cannot be amended for the duration of that Licensing SAVI licence period. This is why we strongly recommend that you do not apply for Accreditation until you are satisfied you have achieved the maximum rating possible.
We cannot stress strongly enough that you should rectify any unlawful working practices as soon as possible to protect you, your staff, your patrons and your business. The Licensing SAVI report is completely confidential to you and whoever you choose to share it with. Unless you have raised a query or issue with our team, we do not have access to your assessment so no one other than you will be aware of your working practices.